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Should You Add a Spa to Your Pool

Spas are great for winding down after a long day and provide a good mental boost when you need it. If you have an existing pool, adding a spa can be a lot easier and more affordable than you think. Here are some reasons adding a spa to your existing pool can benefit you:

Benefits of Adding Spa to Your Pool:

Spas are great for your health and can be a great way to unwind after a long day.

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3 Reasons to Look Forward to Pool Season

Summer is fast approaching, meaning it’s almost prime pool season. There’s nothing like enjoying the cool waters of your beautiful pool in the hot sun. If you own a pool, there are a lot of reasons to look forward to pool season, here’s a list of reasons:

Relaxing by the pool

Summer means you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the weather. However your pool is more than just something to swim in,

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3 Great Winter Purchases to Improve Your Summer

Just because it’s the winter doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for a fun summer. Far too many Americans waste their winter away by staying in the house, sitting on the couch, and daydreaming about the summer. But once that summer comes, they must spend the first few weeks getting everything ready or making all their plans. That’s why it’s so important to start making summer-related purchases and plans while the weather is cold.

Here are some great summer-related ideas to consider while you’re relaxing during these frosty winter months:

Custom pools

Start spending those cold afternoons planning your backyard swimming pool design.

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Caring for Your In-Ground Pool & Spa for the Winter

Well here we are with temperatures dropping and sadly, this means it’s time to close the in-ground pool and spa for the winter.  We know it makes you sad, but turn your focus to keeping your pool and the water healthy over the coming months so that you’re ready for the next season.  Winter pool care is just as important as summer pool maintenance.

Part of winterizing your backyard swimming pool is caring for the water that stays in the pool.

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Turn Your Back on Winter with Summer Swimming Thoughts

You just got back from visiting your friends in California and the most relaxing time with them was spent in their own back yard swimming pool and spa. Now you’re home in New Jersey, staring out the window and wondering why you haven’t gotten around to purchasing an in-ground pool for your family. Since 1967 homeowners in Southern and Central New Jersey have called on Swim-Mor Pools and Spas as the premier custom in-ground swimming pool and hot tub supplier.

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Remodel & Upgrade Your Swimming Pool

Yes, summer is on the way! If you are feeling like your in-ground backyard swimming pool is losing its luster along with needing other repairs, it’s the perfect time to reach out to Swim-Mor Pools and Spas, the specialists in remodeling, repairing, and modernizing your pool and equipment. Our experienced professionals will meet with you to identify the repairs that need to be made and talk with you about the additional options available to make your backyard retreat even more relaxing.

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Swim-Mor Pool and Spa Construction 101

You have wanted to have a pool and spa installed since you moved into the new house, but think about everything that’s involved and let it slide another year. With the professionals at Swim-Mor Pools and Spas, you can relax and leave it to us. It’s important that you understand the process and we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. When you call Swim-Mor, our experienced designers will meet with you at your home for a free consultation,

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Add Value to Your Home with an In-Ground Pool

With Labor Day upon us and the feeling that summer will soon be over, all the local pools and swim clubs will be closing so even if we do get a heat wave and it stays warm into October, you can’t go swimming to relax and cool off.  Is it time to think about getting a swimming pool in your own back yard?  Swim-Mor Pools and Spas in Central and Southern New Jersey is ready to talk with you about making the added value investment in your lifestyle and in your property with an in-ground pool and spa.

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Summer Fun in the Sun – Your Back Yard In-ground Swimming Pool & Spa

This early spring will slowly turn to summer and you can be ready to enjoy this fun season with a new in-ground swimming pool and spa from Swim-Mor Pools and Spas.  Imagine your backyard turned into a tranquil oasis with the luxurious addition of a new in-ground swimming pool and spa tub.  Swim-Mor has the experience and expertise you can rely on to create a backyard paradise your family will use and love for years to come.

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4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having a New Pool Built

Everyone loves swimming in pools. Whether you’re a toddler or a senior citizen, swimming can be just as relaxing as it is fun. If you’re planning on buying your own pool, however, you should spend a little time thinking about what it takes to own and operate a high-quality pool.

From your pool design to how it’s going to get cleaned, here are some important questions you should ask yourself prior to having a new pool built on your property:

    • Who is going to consistently use the pool?

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