Open and Protect Your Pool This Spring

Springtime is here, and that means its time to uncover that pool you’ve been pining after all winter! But before you take a dive in, make sure to follow these tips to ensure that your pool stays pristine and beautiful for years to come.


Dry and Store your Pool Cover Properly

Make sure to remove debris and wash your pool cover before you take it off the pool and fold it up. You can ensure the longevity of your pool cover easily by cleaning it and laying it out flat to dry before you fold it up and store it. A dry pool cover is a pristine pool cover come the end of the season!


Check and Maintain your Pool Filter and Pump

Pool filters are the most common place that pool owners encounter big repair and maintenance costs when not monitored and proactively cleaned. Remove all large debris items immediately when you inspect the filter and make sure to pay close attention to all recommendations listed by the manufacturer. 


Shock Your Pool with Chlorine 

If you are concerned about a buildup of algae or bacteria, you can cause the water in your pool to oxidize more aggressively by adding a larger amount of chlorine than is typical during use. When you do this, make sure to have the filtration system running and unobstructed, and be wary of any restrictions or recommendations by your pool treatment service.


Retest your Pool

Most important to keeping your pool healthy is tracking the changes that any specific treatment causes in your pool. After you take any steps you deem necessary to clean and maintain your pool, always make sure to check the pool water the next day to ensure that no unforeseen consequences resulted from any treatment you might have done. This can help you avoid over or under chlorinating your pool, and help you to refine your pool maintenance process.

By following these steps and any instructions provided by your pool filter manufacturer, you can keep your pool clean and beautiful for years to come. To learn more about Swim-Mor Pools and our pool products and services, call (800) 794-6667 or contact us online today!



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