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4 Pool Beautification Ideas to Sustain You Through Winter

The winter season is rough for pool owners. Staring at that sad, covered basin for months on end, pining for the warmer months to come just a little bit sooner. Instead of bemoaning the cold, check out these awesome ways Swim-Mor can help beautiful your pool to make next summer a blast.

A Rock Waterfall

Rock waterfalls are a mainstay of beautiful pools across the world. The simple aesthetic value of water softly cascading down rocks is impossible to overstate. This feature adds an element of action and movement to your pool, giving swimmers a delightful bit of background noise to their leisure.

Swim Up Furniture

Swim-up furniture isn’t just for resorts! Having a few submerged seats will delight those who like to soak as they relax. These add a novel element to any pool, and can give a premium resort vibe to even a modest pool. Your friends and family will love eating snacks and drinking wine while soaking in the pool.

Walk-in Landing

Steps are a fine pool entry solution, but a soft, sloped walk-in turns your pool into a small ocean. The sensation of slowly dipping into the water is a premium luxury offered only by the ocean and Swim-Mor Pools. This feature is a bit more subtle, but the most discerning guests will appreciate its charm. Walk-ins achieve an elegance in design unmatched by any other pool entry feature (except a big cannonball).

A Water Feature

The holy grail of pool accessories, water features range from simple elegance to extravagant conversation pieces. You can implement a variety of different water features like jets, fountains, and others for many different reasons. For some having fun features for kids to enjoy is paramount, and for others a water feature might simply be a beautiful sight to enjoy as you swim. No matter the motivation, a Swim-Mor Pools water feature will make your pool the talk of the town.

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