Closing Pool

Plan A: Meyco Cover Closing $475.00 + tax

Swim-Mor Will:

  • Lower Water Level to below Returns
  • Blow-Out All Pool Plumbing Lines
  • All Equipment Drained and Freeze Plugs removed
  • Install homeowners winterizing plugs and gizmos
  • Hose off filter cartridges/grids
  • Install Safety Cover
  • Add winterizing chemical kit

Plan B: Auto Cover Closing Program $360.00 + tax

Swim-Mor Will:

  • Lower water level to below tile
  • Blowout all pool plumbing lines
  • All equipment drained and freeze plugs removed
  • Install homeowners winterizing plugs and gizmos
  • Hose off filter cartridges/grids
  • Install winterizing chemicals
  • Cover pool with homeowners automatic cover

Plan C: Disposable Cover with Water Tubes $750.00 + tax

Additional Winter Maintenance Program:

For Mesh covers we drain the water level approximately 18” however it is necessary for the water level be maintained below the tile and skimmer over the winter months. Also, additional chemicals such as winter shock/algaecides and scale inhibitors can be added throughout the winter and early spring prior to opening to opening to prevent algae or scale from developing as the initial winter chemicals burn off. We understand that you have busy schedules so Swim-Mor is now offering a Winter Maintenance Service.Swim-Mor Will: $150.00 + tax Per Visit

For Mesh Covers Only and only pools Swim-Mor winterized:

  • Swim-Mor will site pool and lower water level to second step.
  • Ensure straps on cover are secure
  • Add additional winter shock, algaecide and scale inhibitors
  • Check all winter plugs are properly secured.

Optional Items:

meyco-logoRequest a quote for a New or Replacement Safety Cover

Purchase a New or Replacement Safety Cover for this Fall and the 2013 Winterization of your pool is FREE.

Contact Swim-Mor’s Customer Service Department for a Quote on a Meyco Safety Cover. Learn the benefits of a Meyco Safety Cover by clicking the link below:

Your original safety cover does not have to be a Meyco Cover to receive a quote on a replacement cover. Your cover can be duplicated to match up so that we can use most, if not all, or your existing anchors so that new anchors holes may not have to be drilled.

Automatic Cover Pump: $219.99 + tax

Automatic Cover Pump is designed to be left on the cover of the pool to automatically remove water from the surface as it accumulates on the cover.

Utility Pump $139.99 + tax

Utility pump for mesh covers that can be placed used through out the winter to keep the winter level below the skimmers and tile.

General Conditions and Notes:

  • Homeowners are responsible for proper water chemical balance and stabilization of the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness prior to the pool being winterized.
  • Do to circumstances outside Swim-Mor’s control, i.e. weather, equipment breakdowns, although we will make every effort to have your winterizing done during your preferred weeks we cannot guarantee it. Do to these circumstances out schedule must remain flexible so please do not wait to put your cover outside or balance your water untill our scheduling phone call, have it ready in case of last minute changes.
  • Vacuuming is not included with the closing. Have the pool clean prior to our arrival.
  • When scheduling a pool closing and planning for your pool opening, understand that the longer a pool is closed the more likely the possibility of issues such as algae growth, staining and scaling in the spring. A winter kit is added to the pool at winterizing however, the longer the pool is closed and as the temperatures rise in the spring before opening the winterization chemicals lose their potency. It is advised to open the pool as early as possible in the spring.


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