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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

Now that the season is changing and the weather is beginning to cool, you’re probably not spending as much time in the pool. Before you close up until next Summer, you should go through a cleaning and maintenance checklist. Here are some of the best maintenance tips for the season:

Falling leaves and debris

If you let leaves accumulate in your pool, algae will grow and thrive. Plus leaves that sink to the bottom of the pool can also damage and stain the flooring material. Use a leaf net to skim the top of the water and make sure to clean your skimmer baskets regularly.

The pool filter

You should also clean out the pool filter if you were in the pool a lot over the Summer. Any falling leaves and debris can clog the filters so start the new season off by making sure that filter is as good as new. 

Chemical levels

As the air and water temperatures begin to lower, you won’t need to use as many chemicals in your pool. You should monitor pH and chemical levels as the temperatures cool and adjust as needed.

Winterize your pool

The first big freeze can happen unexpectedly and as a NJ resident, you may want to partially winterize your pool, or if winter is approaching quickly, fully winterize your pool.

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