How To Clean Hot Tub BioFilm

The last thing you want to find when you open your hot tub for the season or after a long day at work is hot tub slime, also known as biofilm. You bought a hot tub for some well-deserved relaxation, not more work. But when slime and grime start to build up, it can turn your oasis into a maintenance nightmare.

The good news is that you can prevent hot tub biofilm from forming in the first place by adding simple cleaning tasks to your routine.

What Causes Biofilm Slime in Hot Tubs?

Hot tub biofilm slime is a mixture of bacteria and other microorganisms that attach themselves to surfaces in hot tubs. These microorganisms cover themselves with a barrier that prevents disinfectants, such as chlorine or bromine, from working properly. As a result, an unpleasant smelling scum-like substance accumulates in the water.

Unfortunately, hot tubs are the perfect environment for biofilm growth because the plumbing provides a dark and moist environment that is warm (>90°F). When biofilm dries on hot tub surfaces, it goes into a dormant state that’s reactivated when in contact with water again.

How To Get Rid of Hot Tub Biofilm

Spa purge products

To avoid biofilm from developing, you can use certain spa products that help reduce and get rid of the chance of slime. Spa purge products work efficiently in the spa plumbing as a cleanser by initiating a foaming agent that removes the biofilm from the exterior of the plumbing. The purge product is mixed in with the jets running for numerous cycles, permitting appropriate circulation throughout  the entire plumbing system. In extreme cases, multiple treatments might be required. Closely follow­­­­ ­the manufacturer’s directions step-by-step.

All-surface cleaner

In order to clean your hot tub with an all-surface cleaner, first you’ll want to empty it. Once that’s done, scrub every surface of the tub until it’s gleaming – this includes the floor and jets. You want to make sure it’s as clean  possible so the biofilm doesn’t have a chance to grow back. Lastly, fill up the spa or tub with water again.

Filter cleaner

You can also clean your filters to prevent biofilm buildup by soaking them in a chemical cleaner made specifically for hot tub filters. You should soak them for a few hours, but overnight provides the best results.

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