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Keep Pool Safety a Priority This Summer

keep pool safety priority one in the summerYou and your family spend many hours in the backyard relaxing, playing, and swimming in your new Swim-Mor pool and spa.  But you have to admit that you are always concerned about safety issues.  Sunscreen and floaties just aren’t enough.   You are a responsible pool owner and make sure that anyone who swims in your pool is a good swimmer.  You can have your own children take lessons and get a certification to ensure safety in the water.  There is a wide array of toddler life preservers on the market as well as helpful flotation devices for beginning swimmers.

It is very important to establish a standard set of rules for your pool.  Make sure everyone who spends time in your pool area is aware of your rules.  You may even wish to post them so that everyone can see that you’re serious about pool safety.   The buddy system and 100% supervision are a must.  Never let anyone swim alone.  If you can’t be outside at the swimming pool, make sure you have a designated and qualified safety person to take your place.    Proper pool maintenance is important to keep the drains debris free and the water clear.  Take steps to be extra cautious when it comes to landscaping around the pool so that the view of swimmers is not blocked from those supervising.  Be aware of noise levels at the pool such as music, or the voices of many children or teenagers while they play so that it’s clear if someone is in trouble and needs help or if the sounds are just part of the activity.  Erecting a fence around the pool can be a helpful barrier when children are playing outside of the pool area unsupervised and a childproof gate latch is essential.  Be sure to check on local codes and requirements for fencing around swimming pools and spas.  Remember, it takes an adult about a minute to drown and less than a minute for a child.  Have fun playing, but play it safe when it comes to the pool.

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