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Latest Pool Features Of 2016

Let the spring and summer of 2016 be all about your backyard—a fabulous, relaxing, tranquil addition to your home that will allow you to wind up or party down. What better way to do so than by upgrading your current or new pool with some of the most popular pool features?! There are countless ways of upgrading your pool, which do not only increase your home’s value, but can be utilized just in time for summer! Here are some of the latest pool feature trends of 2016 that are worth considering-

Vanishing Edges

If you want to add some ambiance and luxury to your back yard, there’s no doubt that a pool with vanishing edges will do it. You may have seen this type of pool at your favorite hotel or resort. vanishing edge pools give an illusionary effect of blending with a scenic background or the illusion of vanishing into infinity. Vanishing edge pools virtually disappear as water cascades over the back edge. This can also be complimented with an attractive waterfall view from the backside of the pool.

Raised Wall Pools

Raised walls Blend your pool to blend in with the landscape surrounding your pool or creates a defiant accent piece that your backyard needs. You are also able to customize a raised wall pool however you like; they can be tiered walls with sheer descent water features flowing through; grand columns with fire bowls illuminating the yard at night; or planters. You may also be able to choose from a variety of unique designs that are popular choices among your current or new pool design.

Pool shelves

One of the most popular features that have been added to pools over the last few years are the pool sun shelves. They allow you to lounge back in your chair and under an umbrella, while the cooling water sits under you. This can also be a splash around areas for the kids in a custom sized shallow area. They can be built to any shape or size inside or outside the pool and custom steps make them an easy transition into the water. To make it a signature pool shelf, try adding a frothy fountain jets to create a stunning visual feature and play area.

No matter what route you go— vanishing, raised or shelve—you can’t lose. 2016 is all about upgrading your backyard with a pool that will give you just what you need. Swim, float or simply enjoy your pool while eating dinner outdoors. There’s nothing like enjoying a backyard that reflects your taste, personality and lifestyle like these 2016 emerging pool trends do!

To find see more popular pool trends visit Swim-Mor Pools pool features page here, and schedule a free consultation to learn more!

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