Swim-Mor Pools and Spas offers Meyco Pool Covers which is a top brand for pool covers. We feel it is our job to keep all pools safe from different types of elements.  Meyco Pool Covers offers three types of pool covers including the Meycolite, RuggedMesh, and PermaGuard-Lite.


Meycolite is extremely lightweight and requires low maintenance. It is perfect for large pools because with the Meycolite, we will break it into smaller pieces and combine it to make one safety cover. The Meycolite is one of the strongest safety pool covers on the market as it has survived cars crashing onto it as well as tornados trying to rip it away.



RuggedMesh is similar to the Meycolite in terms of being one of the strongest pool covers on the market. The RuggedMesh is in mesh form and designed to filter out the finer particles and block more sunlight than other pool covers. The RuggedMesh pool cover needs more maintenance than the Meycolite as the RuggedMesh may create puddles easier and drain slower than the Meycolite. With that being said the RuggedMesh keeps your pool cleaner which means your pool will have clearer water when it is ready to go for a swim.


The PermaGuard-Lite is designed to keep the water’s chemicals in the pool longer, keep out the sunlight and keep out finer debris. This will keep your pool clean when it is ready to remove the pool cover. The PermaGuard-Lite is heavier than the Meycolite and RuggedMesh but it does a great job of keeping your pool’s water clear!

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