11 Steps to Your Dream Pool

Below is the step by step Pool Installation process from inception to completion of your swimming pool. When one of our designers meets with you for a free consultation and estimate they can explain each step in more detail. If you have any other questions you can call or contact us through the contact page of this website.

Preliminary: One of our pool designers will either meet you at your home or you can come into one of our three locations to get answers to your questions and discuss ideas. It would be very helpful if you would have your property plot plan available at the appointment.

1) Design: The pool designer will then take what was discussed and prepare a drawing showing the pool in the location discussed on your property.

2) Layout & Excavation: This is the first stage of your pool construction. The layout and excavation all occurs in the same day. You will meet with our construction superintendent and excavation crew who will layout the pool. After you have approved the location and elevation of the pool we will then move forward with excavating the pool. If there is any excess soil that cannot be graded into the yard it will be removed this day.

This is the only time we will remove dirt from the yard. Our construction superintendent will also be confirming the location of your filter equipment and the light junction boxes. If you have not made your final coping and tile selections at this time, that will also need to be confirmed this day in order to avoid any delays in the construction process. Your excavation installment will be due this day.

3) Steel Reinforcing: This is where your pool gets its backbone. The setting of the steel adds the structural strength to our gunite shell. Once the steel is in, we will call the township for the building inspection and partial bonding inspection. If you see the inspectors or the inspection notices, please advise Swim-Mor.

4) Gunite: It is this stage where the shell of the pool is formed. We need to use your outdoor water supply for this portion of construction. You will possibly be needed for a few minutes to approve the location of any benches and your steps. The gunite installment is also due at this time.

5) Plumbing: On this day the pool water plumbing and filter equipment will be installed and pressure tested. You are not needed to be present for this stage as the equipment location and light junction boxes were located during the layout and excavation. You are now ready for electrician and gas plumber, if necessary.

6) Coping & Tile: It is now that you will see the finishing work is being done on your pool. The coping and tile and, if necessary, the facestone for your raised wall will be installed. Again, you are not needed to be present for this stage.

7) Electric and Gas: Once your pool filter equipment is installed it is at this time that the electric and gas needs to be connected. If you have contracted through Swim-Mor for the electric and gas hook-up we will be contacting you to schedule these services. However, if you have not it is recommended that you consider our electricians and plumbers for these services. They are very familiar with our system and working around pools. Although your electrician may be very experienced he/she may not be familiar with working with swimming pool systems. If you decide to use our electrician please contact our office.

8) Decking: Once the electric and gas connections are inspected the decking installation can be scheduled. If you are using your own contractor to install the decking it is your decking contractors responsibility that the decking is not completed before the proper inspections have been approved, i.e. trench for gas and electric, bonding. It is also your responsibility that the installed decking does not exceed or impinge on any township setbacks or restrictions and that the amount of decking does not exceed any lot coverage totals. Whoever is doing the decking is responsible for backfilling any trenches that may be in there way to install the deck.

It is also important that the proper expansion is installed in the decking system, concrete or pavers, including at minimum a ½” x 4” ethafoam expansion joint between the deck and the pool coping and shell. If this is not installed you run the risk of having damage done to your pool coping, tile, and gunite shell and it would not be covered under warranty.

9) Fencing: After the decking is completed, it is time to have your fencing installed around your pool. Due to local building codes, we cannot start filling your pool until the permanent fence is in place. We ask that one section of the fence be left out so we can have access to the pool for plastering.

10) Plastering: This is when you can plan that pool party. This is the final stage of your pool construction. After the plaster is applied, we leave the pool filling with your water supply. During the filling process, DO NOT STOP the water from filling into the pool. A stain or ring may form on the pool plaster surface where the water was stopped. Once the water reaches the center of the tile, stop the filling the pool and call the office to schedule the start-up. Plaster payment is due at this time.

*Swim-Mor is not responsible for staining caused by your water supply. Therefore, if you are concerned because you have well water we can recommend a water supply company or you can rent a water purifying system.

11) Start-Up: Once your pool has reached the proper water level, we will return to start your filter equipment and make sure all integral components are functioning properly. Once we have everything operating, we will give you complete instructions on how to operate and maintain your pool. After 3 to 5 days of filter operation, please bring a sample of your water into one of our retail stores for a computerized water-test. This will help you to understand water chemistry for easy pool operation and care.

At this point the final inspection and C.O. can be schedule with the township. We ask that the homeowner schedule this because many inspectors require entering the house, therefore, you will need to be home for the inspection. Call your township to schedule this inspection as soon as possible.

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