Time is short and there is nowhere near enough of it, so why worry about maintaining your pool. Swim-Mor Pools weekly maintenance program is designed to be worry and hassle free for the pool owner. Swim-Mor Pools handles all of aspects of the pool maintenance from chemically treating the water to vacuuming and cleaning the pool, spa and filter.

Please call your local Swim-Mor Office to Purchase a 2019 Maintenance Program and Receive a 5% Discount on ALL Maintenance Contracts Paid in Full before March 15 by cash or check!

  • All programs pay schedule: 50% due upfront to begin program, 50% due July 1st.
  • Additional weeks can be added for $100/week.

Purchasing a Maintenance Program indicates you have read and agree to comply with the Maintenance Program Service Agreement below.

Swim-Mor Pools Weekly Maintenance Program Service Agreement

All Programs Include:

  • Complete Safety Cover Pool Opening
  • Balancing of water chemistry throughout season, including all Chemicals
  • All Chlorine, Shock, Salt, and XL Pro/Nature2 Mineral Cartridge (if applicable) INCLUDED!!!
  • One maintenance stop each week where Swim-Mor’s technician:
    • Vacuums pool and spa
    • Brush pool walls, tile and coping
    • Test water and add necessary chemicals.
    • Inspect filter equipment for proper operation. (Repairs are not included and will be billed separately)
    • Empty skimmer and pump baskets, Polaris bag
    • Clean/backwash filter when necessary.
  • Complete Safety Cover Pool Closing

Customer Responsibilities

  • Customer must maintain water level at center of tile. Swim-Mor technician may put hose in pool but only if the homeowner is made aware of it and is responsible for turning it off.
  • Excessive pool opening clean-up is not included and will be billed separately. Examples of excessive clean-up are Hurricane Sandy clean-up/sand in pool or more than 30 minutes of vacuuming required.

Special Notes:

  • The Weekly Maintenance Program is only for in-ground Gunite Pools with Meyco Safety Covers ONLY. If your pool gunite pool has a disposable cover please contact the office to receive pricing.
  • If your pool was not built or renovated by Swim-Mor Pools a Swim-Mor representative must inspect pool prior to agreement being finalized.
  • Any repairs or replacement parts needed are not included as part of the service agreement. Additional parts and labor charges will apply and will be completed only with the approval of the pool owner.
  • The cost defined herein for all pool opening, closing, weekly maintenance and related services are subject to change at the sole discretion of Swim-Mor Pools in the event the nature of the service falls outside of what is defined herein. For swimming pools that are larger in size, have multiple pumps/filters systems, have large water features, complex spa features or require additional manpower and/or additional on-site time outside of what Swim-Mor normally includes with a standard pool opening or closing service, Swim-Mor reserves the right to adjust the price based on current service and labor rates. A typical opening or closing service is generally defined as a two person team that can perform an opening or closing service in 60 minutes or less of on-site time. The typical swimming pool is generally constructed with a single pump and filter and may include a water feature and spa. If you feel that the nature of your swimming pool may create additional charges to be applied, please contact Swim-Mor Pools Service Department to discuss further.