Pool Opening Agreement

By purchasing a pool opening package, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Pool Opening Agreement Below.

Swim-Mor Pools 2013 Pool Opening Service Agreement

Included with each opening are two visits:

First Visit:

  • Swim-Mor will remove cover: Mesh cover will be folded and left for homeowner to store, disposable covers will be discarded and water tubes left for homeowner to store.
  • Swim-Mor will remove all winterizing plugs and gizmos in pool and install the customer supplied fittings.
  • Swim-Mor will re-install all pump and skimmer baskets as well as all supplied winterizing plugs.
  • Swim-Mor will prime and restart pump.
  • Once pump is running Swim-Mor will shock pool and add chlorine tablets to skimmer.
  • Swim-Mor will chlorine wash coping and tile, and brush pool.
  • The system will be left running 24 hours to expedite the filtering and clarifying of the pool water.

Second Visit: In most cases within 5 days of first visit.

  • Swim-Mor will set time clocks or program RS Controls and valves.
  • Swim-Mor will inspect filter, pump and heater for proper operation. Any non-warranty repairs necessary are not included and will be billed separately depending on the availability of parts and homeowner’s approval.
  • Swim-Mor will leaf skim and vacuum pool. Up to 30 minutes of vacuuming is included. Any additional vacuuming will be billed at 15 min increments at the rate of $25/15mins.
  • If a chemical package or miscellaneous items were purchased with this pool opening, they will be delivered at this time.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • All disposable covers must be pumped free of standing water and debris. Any cleaning of accumulated water/debris on a disposable cover will be billed at our standard hourly rate.
  • Customer must have water level up to center of tile before Swim-Mor’s arrival.
  • Regardless of the condition of the water there are only two trips included with this package. If additional trips are necessary for any reasons that are out of Swim-Mor’s control, i.e. water level too low, poor water quality/clarity, they will be billed at our standard service charge rates.
  • Customer is responsible for balancing of water chemistry after opening.
  • Any additional repairs necessary will be billed at the current service rate plus materials.

Special Notes regarding opening package pricing:

  • The cost defined herein for all pool opening and closing related services are subject to change at the sole discretion of Swim-Mor Pools in the event the nature of the service falls outside of what is defined herein. For swimming pools that are larger in size, have multiple pumps/filters systems, have large water features, complex spa features or require additional manpower and/or additional on-site time outside of what Swim-Mor normally includes with a standard pool opening or closing service, Swim-Mor reserves the right to adjust the price based on current service and labor rates. A typical opening or closing service is generally defined as a two person team that can perform an opening or closing service in 60 minutes or less of on-site time. The typical swimming pool is generally constructed with a single pump and filter and may include a water feature and spa. If you feel that the nature of your swimming pool may create additional charges to be applied, please contact Swim-Mor Pools Service Department to discuss further.