Swimming Pool Plaster Finish

There are different options regarding the finish of the pool. From the tried and true white marblite plaster finish to the unique colors and durability of the premium colored quartz aggregate plaster finishes. The ceramic quartz aggregate has a unique affect on the water color as well as being virtually stain resistant.

Not all ceramic quartz finishes are the same. The batch formulation, i.e. percentage of quartz added, plaster application and aggregate exposure are all fundamental to the look, durability, and smoothness of the applied quartz finish. And remember, Swim-Mor DOES NOT subcontract out this vital step in the finished product of the pool. Swim-Mor Pools has our own in-house plaster crew that does everyone of our pools and has been for the last 10 years who are experienced in the application of ceramic quartz finishes.

Click here for  pictures of pools with the white plaster finish and as well as the more popular quartz finishes.

Color and Shade variations are inherent characteristics of all Brick, Stone, Tile and Finishes. Swim-Mor does not guarantee the exactness, matching, and/or uniformity of any color or shade of the samples to which is installed on your pool or patio.