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Questions You Need to Answer Before Building a Pool

A pool is a great addition to your home. Not only is a pool a great tool for entertaining – especially if you have children, as swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children seven to 17 — but a pool is also great for staying in shape. Did you know that swimming is a better cardio exercise than running? And it’s great for your core too.

But owning a pool is also a huge investment, both of time and money. Not only are pools expensive to build, but they also need a great deal of upkeep to remain pristine.

If you are thinking of swimming pool construction, then it is important that you ask the following questions before you begin with your pool design.

Are You Allowed to Have a Pool Built?

It is important that the first thing you do is check your local zoning to make sure not only that you are allowed to build a pool, but if there are any restrictions on where you can place the pool. You should also see if you will need a building permit, and if there are any ordinances you will have to observe. For instance, many localities require a fence be built around any in-ground pool to prevent accidental drowning.
Not only will taking this step first mitigate any heartbreak when you discover you can’t build the pool in exactly the spot you had envisioned, but it will also prevent you from any legal problems down the line.

What Kind of Pool Do You Want?

There are perks to almost any sort of pool you might be considering, whether that is a custom pool or a blow-up kiddie pool. For our purposes, let’s focus on choosing between the more permanent types of pools.

Above-ground pools are the slightly less permanent (although they certainly will leave a patch of dead grass should you remove them). They are also easy to secure, thanks to their height off of the ground requiring a ladder to enter.

While you do need to take an extra step to secure your in-ground pool, they do offer their own distinct advantages. Chief among them is their aesthetic value. A well-manicured in-ground pool blends into the scenery, allowing for your pool design to have maximum visual effect.

Do You Have the Time?

This one is a two-parter, but they’re both equally important. First, do you have time to maintain your pool? While you might be carried away with the fantasy of floating on your pool, sipping a margarita, there will also be a lot of skimming and applying of chemicals to the water.

And also, do you have time to enjoy the pool? Do you spend time in your yard already? Or are you so busy with your job and your children that the pool will sit vacant most of the time? If so, you might consider holding off on building your pool for a little while.

Once you’ve answered these basic questions, you can dig into the meat of your swimming pool design: size, shape, and landscaping features.

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