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Spend This Winter Making Sure Your Kids Have a Great Summer

Just because the winter is here doesn’t meant that you should just be lazy and wait for the nicer weather to rear its head in a few months. If you are living on your own in an apartment, okay, enjoy yourself and stay warm this winter. But if you’re part of a family, you should really step it up this year.

Make 2018 the year you finally convince your kids that you truly are a super hero. To win the coveted Coolest Parent of the Year Award, you need to be spending your winter ensuring that your kids are going to have a fantastic summer. Here’s how to do it:

New Jersey pools

During Jersey’s brutal winter, don’t just look at your snow-covered empty lawn and be okay with what you see. It’s time to start imaging what your backyard will look like over the summer with a custom swimming pool in it. Having custom swimming pools built on your property is a great way to give your kids that fun activity they’ve been wanting for so long. Whether you’re buying in-ground or above ground New Jersey pools (47% of all pools are above ground), your kids will love you so much more and your property will even look better.

Start saving for a summer vacation 

If you and the family want to go on a fun summer vacation, it’s best to start planning it out and saving for it during the winter. That way, once summer is here, instead of announcing your plan to start saving up all that money and eventually go on a trip, you can surprise your kids with a much more fun announcement. Something along the lines of: “Kids! We’re going to Disney World… NEXT WEEK!” That’s a little better than letting them know you’re going to work overtime for the next three months.

Your children already might think of you as cool and a super hero (go you!), but you should never stop trying to give the whole world to them. Don’t wait around this winter and let great opportunities pass you by. Start saving for a fun summer trip and check out some quality New Jersey pools by contacting Swimmor today.

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