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Swim Mor Releases Guide to Successfully Close Your Pool for the Swimming Season

Millstone Township, New Jersey – September 22, 2015 – Pool closing time is a sad time of the year. The weather is getting cold, the leaves are changing color and warm memories of summertime fun are fading away. This is not usually the time of year that people like to think about their swimming pools, but SwimMor knows that this is the most important time of year to pay attention to your pool, in order to avoid unnecessary problems and costly repairs in the spring.

Closing your pool does not have to be a guessing game. SwimMor has released a guide to help make closing your pool as seamless as possible.  Don’t shock and add algaecide the same day. Algaecides will be destroyed by such high chlorine. Instead shock the pool 4-7 days prior to closing the pool, then add algaecide. It is very important to maintain proper water levels all winter long to help support the weight of the cover and prevent excess wear. Use drain plugs to drain water from your pump, filter heater, and chlorinator. All water must be drained or blown out so your equipment does

SwimMor wants to make closing your pool easier for you. They have convenient closing and winterizing programs.  They will lower the water level, ensure straps on cover are secure, add additional winter shock, algaecide, and scale inhibitors, as well as check that all winter plugs are properly secured.   Remember, pool water needs to be consistently below 65 degrees to avoid algae growth and other problems. Closing prematurely will only lead to more work and expense at pool opening in the Spring.

Swim-Mor pools and spas is a family owned and operated company that has been the premier New Jersey pool builder since 1967.  They want your family to have a safe place to relax, and enjoy spending time with family and friends. To learn more about their services and pool safety features, please contact SwimMor as per below.


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