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Swim On Forever: The Top Five Infinity Pools Around the World

In the United States alone, there are about 10.6 million swimming pools. Swimming offers a relatively painless workout and hours of fun and it has for many, many years. Nowadays, though, there’s a new kind of pool that’s taking the market by storm in the most beautiful way.

Infinity pools are pools that are designed to fit into the environment, giving the illusions that they are either fading into the ocean or naturally occurring in their surroundings. They offer stunning looks in the varying custom pool designs. It can be argued that the trend of infinity pools started in hotels and resorts, so here are the five most popular infinity pools in the world.

  1. The Pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
    You’ve probably seen pictures of this stunning pool before. This insane pool is 492 feet long and sits on the 57th floor of the hotel’s building. According to the hotel, this makes it the highest infinity pool in the world and if you’re afraid of heights, you might not want to swim to the edge. It can feel like you’re about to fall right into Singapore’s financial district.
  2. Ubud Hanging Gardens In Indonesia
    This swimming pool design is just plain gorgeous. Located on the island of Bali, the unique curved shapes of the pool’s edge fit into the shape of the hills off in the distance. This resort is very peaceful, and the infinity pool designs show that very strongly. It can make you feel like you are swimming through the bright green trees that are right in front of you.
  3. North Narrabeen Pool in Australia
    This sublime infinity pool has been around for ages. The pool is separated from the rest of the ocean by a boardwalk, in place since the 1930s. This pool has the added benefit of many swimming clubs using it. They teach swimming classes nearly year round in the warm country of Australia.
  4. Kempinski Hotel Ishtar In Jordan
    Of the custom swimming pools, this one in Jordan is truly dazzling. This infinity pool designs mirror the Dead Sea that it is backed up to, situated at the lowest point on earth for some quiet serenity and peace.
  5. Pool at the Sheraton in Waikiki, Hawaii
    This infinity pool is only open to patrons 16 and up, but regardless, it remains one of the most breathtaking. This infinity pool designs to stretch right through Waikiki beach and straight into the ocean. You have marvelous views of both the beach and Diamond’s Head as you float back and let the water take you away.

Now, these pools are amazing to look at, but what if you don’t have time to go on vacations to these places? Well, the easy solution is to get your own infinity pool. There are now hundreds of infinity pool designs you can choose from to fit into your own backyard, so you can bring the outstanding image of standing at the edge of the world to your very fingertips.

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