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The Home Swimming Pool Advantage – Swim Your Way to Great Health

Your Swimming Pool and Your Health

Since you’ve been vacationing less and putting that money aside to enhance your life at home, why not consider an addition that will increase the value of your home, create fun times for the family, and be a great investment in your health — a swimming pool!  Swimming is a low impact exercise that gives you high quality results.  The trick to consistent exercise is finding something you like so that you’ll keep doing it and swimming is fun for everyone.  Just being in the water is the beginning, relax and move around.  Create some goals for yourself and you’ll feel yourself getting stronger and stronger while your body gets more toned.  When you exercise in water, your muscles don’t experience the painful results you have with regular exercise routines.  Before long, when you’re not in the water, you’ll notice that your clothes fit differently and that building your strength while swimming is making the little things you do every day feel easier.

A Low-Impact Workout

If you experience daily pain or have arthritis, this is the best low impact total body workout.  There’s nothing like the buoyancy of water to cushion aching joints.  Easy on the body and a great way to get fit and stay fit…right in your own backyard.  The stress will drift away as you experience relaxing aquatic workouts in your own Swim-Mor pool.  Since 1967, Swim-Mor Pools & Spas has been Southern and Central New Jersey’s premier custom in-ground swimming pool and hot tub supplier.  Visit our showrooms in Englishtown, Northfield, or Mt. Ephraim and we’ll plan the backyard getaway that’s right for you and your family so you can get the most out of your free time at home.  Just you and the water…in your Swim-Mor swimming pool.

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