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Tips for Ultimate Pool Party Etiquette

Summer has officially begun and pool owners are ready to host parties. Here are some tips to make sure friends and family enjoy the pool safely at your pool party.

Shower Before Jumping In

It is important that you have your swimmers shower off before entering the pool. This will help keep your pool clean and prevent your chlorine from working too hard to get rid of any oil, sweat, or cosmetic products from getting into the pool. It also keeps out any lawn trimmings or dirt that may have trailed in from guests’ feet.

No Food Inside Pool

Snacks, burgers and hot dogs are essential to feed hungry swimmers, but you don’t want to them to feed the pool. Have guests eat outside the pool, so that no food particles get into the pool. It won’t be fun for you to clean when you find them in your skimmer or filter a day later.

No Throwing Children/Adults Into the Pool

A fun way to get the party started can be jumping in the pool, yet, having people thrown in unknowingly can be dangerous. Ask guests not to throw anyone into the pool to make sure that no one accidentally gets hurt.

No Peeing In the Pool

Sure, accidents happen. But when swimmers pee in the pool, the balance between chlorine and nitrogen is disturbed. Chloramines that are necessary to break down chemicals from urine and sweat are only partially destroyed, meaning there are still germs in the pool. Try to make sure little children or even adults visit the bathroom when they “need to go.”

Have Extra Towels

Some thoughtful guests may bring their own towels from home, but with kids, there is a chance that they will want to go back in after eating or right before it’s time to leave. Set a basket or a bin with a few dry towels by the pool, so swimmers don’t have to go home all wet. Choose cheap towels you don’t mind swimmers going home with, just in case they don’t return them to you right away.

No Glass By the Pool

Age-appropriate adults typically will consume alcoholic beverage glass bottles or glass drinking ware by the pool, but hey can be hazardous. To avoid pieces of broken glass from cutting guests’ feet, provide guests with plastic cups or even stylish drinking ware.

For more pool safety and maintenance tips, contact a Swim-mor professional today!

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