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Top Three Pool Ownership Myths

Many people’s vision of their dream home includes a pool in the backyard. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about pools and unfortunately talk themselves out of it. They may think that pools require frequent repairs, expensive equipment and chemicals, or labor-intensive maintenance. All of these myths likely have much less weight than you think. Keep reading to learn more about the top three myths of pool ownership!

Pools need to be repaired often.

Sometimes, people may perpetuate the myth that pools need frequent repairs. Sure, mechanical systems can break down. If your pool is installed by a reputable company, however, you will experience few issues. On top of that, light and regular maintenance will help prevent most potential problems before they ever become serious.

Pools require expensive upkeep and accessories.

Yes, pools need water, chemicals, and electricity for heaters and pumps. However, if you compare these costs to the costs of owning other recreational staples – like RVs or boats – you will find that pools are much less expensive. Again, hiring a reputable and fair company to install and help maintain your pool will do wonders for your budget.

Pools need lots of maintenance.

Last but not least, pools really don’t require a ton of regular maintenance. At most, they will need one or two hours a week for some cleaning and chemical balancing. You’ll find that you’re spending much more time actually enjoying your pool than maintaining it!

We hope that helped to shed some light on some common pool ownership misconceptions! If you’re thinking about getting your own pool, call Swim-Mor Pools at (800) 794-6667 or contact us online today!

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