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Why You Should Consider Installing a Saltwater Pool

Are you thinking about installing a pool in your backyard or looking to renovate the one you have? There are plenty of reasons you should consider a saltwater pool over a traditional one. Both types of pools have their pros and cons, however saltwater pools offer several compelling advantages that make them a great option.

How saltwater pools work

There are many people who don’t realize that saltwater pools still contain chlorine. The pool water is sanitized through a process called electrolysis, which converts the salt into chlorine. Saltwater pools also have about ten times less salt than the ocean, so if you happen to get a mouthful of water, you’ll barely notice a salty taste.

Benefits of saltwater pools

Since these types of pools contain less chlorine than traditional pools, many homeowners find that saltwater pools are much easier to maintain. Here are some of the key benefits you’ll see with a saltwater pool:

  • You won’t need to purchase extra chlorine for the pool, so you’ll end up saving on pool supplies and maintenance costs.
  • Swimming in a saltwater pool is less likely to cause irritation to your skin, eyes, hair, and bathing suits.
  • Chlorine is a hazardous chemical, so storing and handling it can pose some risks to health and safety. You won’t have to deal with these hazardous conditions with a saltwater pool.

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