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Pool Maintenance for First Time Owners

If you own a pool, it doesn’t matter where you live or how frequent you use it—because the fact of the matter is, no one is safe from the wear and tear that comes from pool ownership. From removing the debris to fixing broken tile, your pool demands attention! The question is, should you maintain the health of your pool by yourself, or enlist in the help of professionals? We’ve put together a ‘cheat sheet’, so you can keep your pool looking its best.

The Benefit of Paying Someone to Do What You Can’t

You’ve got a long list of things to do this weekend—do you want pool maintenance to be one of them? Chances are, you’d rather do something else like baking with your kids, taking a bike ride with your family, or catching up on your favorite Netflix shows you weren’t able to see with the busy week you’ve just had—which means that the last thing you want to do is replace broken tile, clear out the debris that’s clogged your pool drain or treat your pool with the chemicals needed to keep everyone safe.

One of the easiest ways to increase the longevity of your pool’s lifespan is by hiring a professional to come in, take inventory of what your pool needs, and assess what type of maintenance is necessary to keep it at its best. In the long run, hiring a professional will save you money, because the more frequently you catch and handle problems (and even basic upkeep practices, such as applying a chemical treatment in order to kill germs), the safer and healthier your pool—and its inhabitants—will be.

Some Pool Maintenance DIY Hacks to Consider…

While it’s important to have a professional assess and implement a maintenance plan, it’s just as important to take care of your pool whenever and as often as you can. Consider taking care of the smaller details, such as wiping away the layer of leaves and dirt that cover your pool and ‘dirty’ it up. Clean the pool tile a few times a year by applying water and baking powder. Apply just enough water for this combo to turn into a paste-like consistency, and scrub gently! In addition, baking soda alone can be applied to your pool to improve your pool’s pH levels. It’s a great DIY method that will keep your pool healthy, shiny and clean!

Whether your pool is your oasis, your method of exercise or the place you enjoy spending time with family or friends, you deserve to have it for years to come. The best way to do this is by enlisting the help of a professional, and applying some DIY hacks in between professional cleanings. Take care of your pool, and it will give back to you, time and time again!

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