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Start Planning your Dream Pool Now While its Cold Outside!

There is no dispute that adding a pool can be a hefty investment, but it also adds a lot of resale value to the property. Getting it done right takes a little planning and beginning the planning stages while it is cold is a smart move. This allows the work to start sooner and you and your family can be having a great time and be swimming whenn the warmer months roll around. Below are a few things to consider before diving in and getting started.

Zoning or Restrictions

There are some areas that have specific restrictions on pools and security features, such as fencing and insurance. Make sure you are fully aware of what these are before breaking ground on a new pool.


What is your realistic budget for a pool? This will help narrow down the size and materials used to construct the finished product. You want to make sure that your desired pool is attainable within the budget you have set aside. Get an estimate for all expenses related to the project before you even begin building.

Above or In-ground

There is a definite price difference between in-ground pools and above ground models. You can often get a larger pool at the same price as a smaller one that required installation in the ground. There are maintenance issues and space considerations to take into account with both types. Careful research should be done to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and need.

Location and Design

A decision will have to be made about where you want to install a pool on the property. They generally require a flat surface and the necessary space so required maintenance and repairs can be done easily. This is also the perfect opportunity to explore what shape, colors or added landscaping you want to provide for the perfect end result. This is the exciting part. The finalized plans lead to a start of the actual project when weather permits.
Make this next summer a cool one that incorporates use of your new pool. Poolside entertaining, family get-together’s and quality relaxation time are all in store when you finish the planning stage during the colder months. Contact the professionals at Swim Mor today and make your dream of a pool a reality!

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