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Pool Water Conservation Tips

When you think of water conservation, swimming pools might not be the first thing that pops in your head. Water conservation is a very serious issue that the world faces on a daily basis.

April is designated as “Water Conservation Month”. Pool owners can actually do their part in water conservation, not only during April, but throughout the entire year.

Pool Filter Maintenance

One of the biggest enemies to water conservation with your swimming pool is your pool filter. A clean pool filter can reduce containments in your swimming pool and maintain pristine pool water.  However, when your pool filter is dirty you must backwash the filter in order to clean it.

Backwashing your pool filter is the biggest waste of pool chemicals and water. Avoid having to backwash your swimming pool filter with proper filter maintenance.

Leaks and Cracks in the Pool

Cracks in your pool finish and foundation can cause the swimming pool to leak water. Leaky pipes and valves from the pool are also a big concern for water conservation. Even a small crack can account for a large amount of water being leaked out of the swimming pool.

Make sure to always check your swimming pool andequipment pad for cracks because a small crack can lead to larger problems during the life of your pool.

Pool Heaters

During the summer is a good time to reduce the temperature of your swimming pool heater. Reducing the temperature of your pool water in the summer will reduce to the pool water’s natural evaporation rate.

Swimming pool heaters are a great addition to any swimming pool. However, it can be very costly to heat your backyard swimming pool. Using other swimming pool products, like pool covers, can greatly reduce the cost of heating your pool and aid in water conservation.

Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are a great tool to use tomaintain water heat from the natural solar energy. The water in the swimming pool naturally diminishes due to evaporation. A properly fitting pool cover can dramatically reduce the rate of pool water evaporation. You will save moneyon chemicals because of the reduced rate of natural evaporation and save money having to maintain the necessary pool water level.

Your backyard swimming pool will naturally lose water due to evaporation and normal pool use. Remember to only drain your swimming pool when it is necessary. Once a year, in April, the world decides to battle our water conservation issues. However, paying attention to these very simple tasks and tips will help you conserve water and save money throughout the whole year.

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