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Spash your way to Fun with an In Ground Pool

I recently realized that my family had been living in our home for a couple of years now, and decided that it was time for me to accomplish my dream of putting in an in ground pool. I have wanted an in ground pool ever since I was a kid, and felt that it would give my family a fun thing to do together. I was also very interested in getting a pool as it would give me a great way to get exercise.
I contacted a company that installs in ground pools, and asked them about the process of putting one it. They were able to explain what work would be involved, and what the general price of an in ground pool is. I then look through a catalog, and picked out what features I wanted. This included things like the size of the pool, the depth of it, and things like having it heated and automatically filtered.
The company, which installs in ground pools, was able to begin the process of putting in my pool by doing some excavation work. They then set in a form that was made out of wire, and filled it full of concrete that was pumped into my backyard. These pool installers were able to texture the concrete in order to create a non-slip surface for the bottom of my pool. The installers were also able to put in a concrete walking around the newly formed pool, and set pieces of brightly colored tile in it order to make it look good. Finally, the pool installers put in the drainage, filtration system, and a small heater that would allow me to use my pool in the wintertime.
I have found that my family will use our new pool on an almost daily basis. I like to take a swim in my pool every morning, and my wife will generally use the pool at night. My children love to get in the pool and have splash fights with their friends. I really like how much this pool has brought my family together, and I find that playing in the pool is a great way to develop our relationships. I have also found that we tend to congregate around the pool even if we are not swimming, and we spend a huge amount of time on our poolside furniture.

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