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Some Pool Maitenance Tasks to Perform

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Some of the off-season tasks that should be regularly performed on your swimming pool are:

• Checking the level of the water: The water in your pool is subject to constant evaporation. Therefore, you should always be sure that it remains at a given level—say, five or six inches below the top—and put in more water, if necessary, until the pool has that amount in it.

• Checking other things: In addition to the water level, such factors as the pH level, sanitation, calcium hardness and alkalinity level. By “calcium hardness” we mean the total amount of that element that is present in the water. Other elements found in swimming pools include iron, magnesium and manganese, each of which has an ideal level range. For calcium, this is 250 to 350 ppm. If it gets higher than that, the pool surfaces will develop scales that can cause the pipes to become clogged, resulting in less efficient water circulation. The water can become cloudy and irritate the eyes of swimmers. If the calcium hardness drops too low, the water will become corrosive and stain the floor and walls.

Low calcium hardness can be solved by adding calcium chloride and circulating the water until the desired level is attained. High calcium hardness, on the other hand, is difficult to treat and may require consulting a professional, though you might be able to solve the problem by adding chemicals or even changing some of all of the water.

A pool that is properly cleaned and maintained throughout the year will be a fun thing to use when summer comes around.

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