Top 3 Best Practices for Swimming Pools

Every year, technological and market advances create new possibilities for pool owners searching for a more efficient, effortless, and easier way to swim. This summer is no exception to new, developing trends during the current chlorine shortage and this health-conscious era.

Here are the top three pool management strategies that experienced pool owners have implemented this summer:

Less chemical use

With the scarcity of chlorine and the health-conscious era, pool owners are more accepting of alternative sanitation methods than they have ever been. For nearly a century, pool hygiene was limited to the same practices that had remained unchanged since the beginning.

The sensory discomfort, chemical odor, and time-consuming upkeep were among the costs you paid for swimming in those days. Today, Advanced Oxidation, also known as AOP, is providing much-needed technological progress to pool disinfection systems.

Upgraded pool pumps

Pool pumps have changed a lot in recent years. Single- and dual-speed pool pumps, which were formerly the norm, are no longer used. Variable-speed pool pump installations are on the rise. Pool pumps can be very energy hungry, so upgrading to a variable-speed pump might save you a significant amount of money on your power bill.

Running a pool pump at low speeds for longer periods of time will cost much less than running it at high speeds for shorter periods of time. It may appear that running the pump at half-speed for twice as long would even out the energy usage. A principle known as the Pump Affinity Law, on the other hand, indicates that the energy savings increase tremendously when a pump’s speed is reduced.

Safe and energy-efficient pool covers

Pool covers have advanced significantly since their inception and are not only used for pool closings. Pool covers may help make a home pool environment more energy-efficient and safe, depending on your environmental and personal demands.

Solar pool covers are an ideal choice for house owners searching for the most cost-effective and painless pool cover. Solar pool covers can warm up pools during the day and keep heat from escaping at night by absorbing sunlight.

A pool cover might provide more protection for a home with children or pets than a fence around a pool. Security pool covers, unlike other kinds of covers, are built to protect against accidental drowning.

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