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Swimming Pool Lights: Which Are Right for You?

Adding some lights to your pool is a great way to enjoy swimming whether it’s day or night. Pool lights can be an expensive purchase, so it’s important to understand what’s available and what work best in your pool. Here’s what you should know: LED pool lights LED lights are the most popular choice today […]

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Tips for Ultimate Pool Party Etiquette

Summer has officially begun and pool owners are ready to host parties. Here are some tips to make sure friends and family enjoy the pool safely at your pool party. Shower Before Jumping In It is important that you have your swimmers shower off before entering the pool. This will help keep your pool clean […]


Pool Features Not only Enhance the Design of Your Pool, but Revitalize It!

A pool is a great thing to have in the backyard and it’s never too early to start thinking about summer. Pools allow people to cool off during the hot weather and enjoy the chance to get exercise right on the grounds of their house. When putting in a pool, features such as pool bar […]